Vehicle Gates Notice

The vehicle gates have recently experienced costly repairs that were caused by improper handling.

A resident or guest bolted the exit gate closed without the motor being shut off. This caused the gate arm to snap and the motor to overheat.

We kindly ask that if at any time you experience an issue with the gates not functioning properly, please contact Keystone Pacific Property Management at (949) 833-2600 and request to speak to the management team for Anacapa Homeowners Association to report the issue.

The management team has direct contact with the Board of Directors who have been properly trained on how to handle the gate motors and equipment.

Please do not tamper with, force open or bolt the vehicle gate(s) closed on your own.

If these costly repairs continue to occur, this will lead to an increase in dues, which the Board works very hard to keep manageable for all homeowners.

Please ensure you advise all residents and guests of your household not to tamper with the gates if they experience them not working properly.

Management is in the process of obtaining signage with this information to be posted near the gates.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance.

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